Explore the newest prime residential address at the leading business hub of the city.

Why relocate to Devanahalli, Bangalore?

The city of Bangalore in Karnataka has evolved as Asia’s Silicon City and has garnered immense attention considering the establishment of a myriad of business enterprises and unicorns. Furthermore, this capital city of Karnataka is also renowned for attractive gardens and lucrative parks, therefore giving it the tag of "Pensioner's Paradise’’. Considering an unfathomable upsurge in the inflow of people for jobs to this city, we at Brigade Oasis have come up with impeccable residences to suit all the needs of our residents. The city of Bangalore has been witnessing a spate of the following institutions:

Evolving IT startups and unicorns:

Bangalore's IT industry expanded and drew visitors from all around India to the city. In the last ten years, the city has grown significantly, particularly in terms of information technology (IT) parks, upscale shopping malls, and employment and leisure opportunities. Bangalore is without a doubt one of the most developed cities in terms of industrial and economic progress. Bangalore's real estate market is now in a relatively stable position, making it the ideal time to invest.

Leading Schools:

Bangalore, a rapidly expanding metropolis, is one of India's five richest cities. Due to its vibrant nightlife, plenty of entertainment opportunities, close proximity to well-known tourist attractions, and generally high level of living, it is one of the liveliest cities in the nation. The city's charms are accessible to happy people because of the high wages made here. These entertaining qualities pave the way for a successful real estate investment.

Globally ranked Colleges::

Besides the Companies and schools, the inflow of people to this Silicon Valley of Asia also emboldened establishment of new colleges with a plethora of courses related to medicine, engineering, Biotechnology, etc. Therefore, there is no lacunae left behind when it comes to the world-class colleges in Bangalore.


Bangalore is also well equipped with leading Government and private hospitals. Therefore, if you are a new entrant to this populous city, you can ward off any apprehensions related to healthcare.

World class Restaurants:

Devanahali in Bangalore has been witnessing a spate of leading and evolving restaurants including McDonalds, Tamarind, Cafe 77 East, Puro Gusto, including a large number of other cafeterias and restaurants for you to chill our with your family and friends.

Restrained Air Quality Index(AQI):

The major concern in modern days for any newly-relocated family is the level of air pollution in the area. In recent times, the Air Quality Index of Devanahalli has come down to Moderate level and is far below as compared to most of the other metropolitan regions in Bangalore.

For your reference, you can check the site map/google map of our location in Devanahali.

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