Amenities at Brigade Oasis

Amenities at Brigade Oasis

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The advent of an unprecedented upsurge in infrastructure has ushered in a new era wherein reliance on amenities in consonance with modern-era technologies have become indispensable. As such, residents have a proclivity towards opting for residential enclosures in the immediate proximity of requisite institutions, including schools, hospitals, shops, financial institutions, and ATMs. A remarkable precedent of this impeccable infrastructure constitutes the major IT corridors of Bangalore. The residences of Brigade Plots are embellished by all the modern-day technological advancements in order to meet the needs of varying demands of residents. Our endeavor is not merely constricted to providing basic amenities to our residents but also bringing a comfortable, convenient, and pleasant aura to lives.

An experience of a lifetime encompassing all age groups

The residential plots at Brigade plots have been modeled to meet the requirements of residents of all age groups. Besides the basic amenities of car parking, seamless security, perennial water supply, and electricity, these plots also encompass a wide range of ancillary amenities consisting of expansive playgrounds, landscaped gardens, Gym, swimming pools, indoor playing spaces, uninterrupted Wifi connectivity, including a plethora of other essential and secondary amenities, suited to the requirements of different age groups.

Modern-day residences to meet your requirements

The Brigade plots include spacious rooms, including kitchens and dining rooms, bathing spaces, and bedrooms modeled by top-notch engineers to meet all the requirements of modern-day residents.

Spend an unforgettable time with your loved ones

Away from the hustle of the busy Bangalore life, you can choose from a myriad of residences in Bridge plots, all of which are crafted to ward off the stress invoked due to work pressure. You can leverage the amenities offered in our plots and play indoor/outdoor games with your children or go out on a walk with your family in the wide-open and expansive walkways. You can go cycling, play your favorite sport, or take a rest in the homes that are created to dilute your stressful schedule.

Health and Fitness

Besides easy and immediate access to hospitals, Brigade plots have integrated Gym and sporting facilities, including swimming pools that can ensure your physical and mental well-being.

Prices affordable to all

While containing all the essential amenities for residents, residences at Brigade plots are available at cheap and affordable rates.

Having gone through the multitudinous amenities offered by Brigade blogs, what keeps you waiting? Go through our pricing plans at our website and schedule a meeting. You can also call us via the helpline at .